Exercise — “I don’t remember”

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

David Fuller, 21, Unemployed, Single

Doors bang open to my left as more nurses rush through. With each new incursion, the entire room awakens. Hopeful and scared. I don’t know anyone around me, but boy do I know their pain. I stretch, arching my back against the plastic seat. Shouldn’t they have cushions or something? My leg won’t stop its bouncing, thumping to a distant bass echoing between my ears. My tongue searches my mouth, dodging grinding mills of teeth and failing to find any rest. What do I stare at? What do normal people stare at? I don’t even remember how we got here. It was an utter mess of a day, and not the kind of mess we had planned.

House. Bottles. Uber. Cans. Park. Drugs. Festival. Cups.

Each new location, now a fuzz of incoherent colours, wrought its own fury upon us. A fury we invited in and asked if it wanted a beer. Shit. Why did he take so many? There is nothing wrong with throwing them out. Let a bird eat it. Whatever. He always was the stupid one. It’s why he had more fun. This isn’t fun anymore.

The doors bang open again. More nurses, more lives needing saving. These thirty minutes have last two hours. Still no news. Fucking hell. What do I tell his parents? What do I tell mine? My chest continues to heave on its own accord as an uneven beating plays an awkward rhythm with my heart. Every drop of sweat lingers for too many seconds and I can’t stop… existing. God. I hope he is okay. He doesn’t deserve this. We just wanted to have fun.

STOP BANGING DOORS! This room is too noisy, too crowded. Run, David. Just run and don’t look back. Live in the trees. Live with the birds. People always say you have a beak for a nose. No. I have to stay and wait. Brian would wait for me. And there is still a chance I’ll need the help too.



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Joshua Markovski

Joshua Markovski

Science Graduate. Honestly just having fun exploring what words can do and avoiding the real world.